Stacking stones & balance boards for children

Discover the innovative and versatile stacking stone game elements! The products are both simple and contrasting in form and function and offer endless application possibilities for indoors and outdoors. Use them as play, movement or design elements and seamlessly introduce color and movement into everyday life. Let your creativity run wild and get moving in a playful way.

The world of stacking stones: educational toys at Copiloo

Much more than just a simple toy, stacking blocks are versatile, educational tools that appeal to and encourage children of all ages. They support children's imagination, creativity and motor development by combining movement and learning. Through activities such as stacking and balancing, children improve their fine motor skills and coordination skills as well as their balance. These multisensory experiences strengthen cognitive processing processes and promote effective, sustainable learning. Stacking stones also support social learning and creativity, as children can work in a team and solve problems together. Their simple shape stimulates the imagination as new functions and play options are constantly being discovered.

In educational institutions such as kindergartens and schools, stacking stones offer an excellent opportunity to integrate movement into everyday learning and to teach concepts such as counting, sorting, colors and shapes in a playful way. They are made from strong, durable and recyclable EPP, free of plasticizers and unwanted additives, making them a sustainable and safe choice. The Stapelstein app digitally expands the gaming experience by providing a variety of game ideas and suggestions and promoting children's media literacy.

The world of stacking stones - a sea of ​​possibilities

Stacking bricks are not just simple toys, they are a gateway to a world of fun and learning. They quickly become the center of events in any child's room or play area. With stacking stones, children can not only learn to balance and stack in a playful way, but they also develop important skills such as patience and concentration. These versatile stones offer unlimited play ideas that play a central role in children's everyday lives. They are made of high quality, waterproof material, which makes them ideal for water games and ensures their longevity. The playful aspect of stacking bricks is complemented by their safety and quality, making them a must-have in any toy set. Whether it's movement toys or creative building games, stacking blocks offer endless fun and are an indispensable part of child development. By purchasing stacking bricks from brands like Joboo that emphasize sustainability and the use of recyclable materials, parents and educators are helping to promote an environmentally conscious mindset in children.

Discover the variety of educational stacking stones

Discover a carefully selected selection of stacking stones at Copiloo, specifically designed to support your children's developmental needs and imagination. Our range reflects the versatility and educational benefits of these innovative toys, offering various sets that support motor development, balance, imagination and social learning. Choose from vibrant rainbow sets to subtle pastels. Copiloo offers a wide range of colors and set configurations suitable for children of different ages and development levels. These stacking stones are ideal for use at home, in kindergartens, schools and therapeutic facilities.

The Stapelstein app offers additional game ideas and suggestions to expand the gaming experience and promote children's media skills. Discover the world of stacking stones at Copiloo and be inspired by the diversity and countless playing options.