Kuscheltier Hund mit Welpen
Kuscheltier Hundemama mit Babys
Kuscheltier Mama Hund
Cuddly toy mom dog & babies
Kuscheltier Hund mit Welpen
Kuscheltier Hundemama mit Babys
Kuscheltier Mama Hund
Cuddly toy mom dog & babies
Kuscheltier Hund mit Welpen Produktvideo

Cuddly toy dog ​​with 3 cute puppies - plush family

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Mamanimals Dog Plush Family: Soft, cute, cuddly playmates with educational value

The Mamanimals soft toy collection, already known for its lovingly designed dog and puppies, is a prime example of quality and joy in the world of soft toys. Each of these toys, designed to not only encourage cuddling but also serve as a loyal companion, reflect the characteristics of their respective dog breeds. The detailed replica of the dogs promotes a deep understanding and a strong bond with these four-legged friends in children. With their design, these dog cuddly toys allow children to experience the diversity and charm of different dog breeds up close.

Each puppy is designed to be stored in the mother dog's stomach - a loving detail that recreates the natural bond between mother and her young. Thanks to the magnets on the puppies, they can drink from the mother dog's teats, a great feature that emphasizes the bond between the stuffed animals and offers children an authentic experience.

These stuffed animals are more than just stuffed animals; they are educational tools that inspire children's love for animals. The fluffy plush dog mom and her even softer puppies are ideal friends for every child, offering comfort and stimulating the imagination. They not only serve as playmates, but also as support for emotional growth and development.

With their fluffy fur and calming colors, these four-legged plush toys are a joy to give as a gift. Their loving design makes them a real cuddly friend for children, ready for hours of cuddling and playing. The additional plush elements on each stuffed animal promote a sensory experience.

Each of these cuddly dogs, made from high-quality, soft materials, represents the connection between toy and pet, making them an ideal gift for animal lovers and children. The dog stuffed animals are manufactured under strict quality controls to ensure that they serve as loyal and long-lasting cuddly toys.

The soft toy set includes a 30cm plush mama dog and three 8cm puppies, perfectly proportioned for little hands to cuddle and love. These plush dogs are long-lasting companions in children's rooms and stimulate children's imagination while providing a sense of security. The sizes of these plush toys are specially tailored to the ergonomics of a child's hug, making them ideal cuddly friends.

This dog plush toy collection not only impresses with its quality and a 24-month manufacturer's guarantee, but also offers security through the CE marking and verification according to EN71-1, 2 and 3 standards. With loving details such as the innovative magnetic function and a fluffy filling, these plush dogs become a magical and reliable part of children's everyday life.

Dog cuddly toy set at a glance

  • Recommended age : Suitable plush toy for children aged 0 and over, ideal as a gift for babies and toddlers.
  • CE marking : The Mamanimals dog plush toys meet strict safety requirements.
  • Materials : High-quality fabrics such as Velboa, satin and velor ensure a pleasant feel and durability.
  • Care instructions : The plush toy dogs are easy to care for and can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees.
  • Magnetic system : The puppies can be easily attached to the mother dog's teats with their magnetic snout, making play easier and promoting fine motor skills.
  • Scope of delivery : Light brown dog mom (approx. 30 cm tall) and 3 baby dogs (approx. 8 cm tall each).
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee : 24 months – exclusively developed and patented in Switzerland.

frequently asked Questions

This lovely set is suitable for children ages 0 and up and carries a CE mark (EN71-1, 2 and 3) that meets strict safety requirements.

The mother dog measures about 30 cm, while the puppies are each about 8 cm tall.

Yes, there is a reassuring 24-month manufacturer's warranty on this set.

The cuddly toys are made from non-toxic, high-quality materials such as Velboa, satin and velor, which ensure a pleasant feel and durability.

Playing with the baby dogs and the dog mom can promote fine motor skills. The baby dogs' magnetic snouts make it easy to attach to mommy dog's teats, making play easier and supporting hand-eye coordination. The loving design also offers a nice opportunity for children to engage in caring and loving activities.

Extra service: If you order by 1 p.m. (Mon-Fri), your package will be on its way to you on the same day. 🎁

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