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Spiel und Lernspaß mit Erika. Das Kinderbuch: "Meine Freundin Erika"

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"Meine Freundin Erika": A warm, educational children's book opens up the world of the German language

With "Meine Freundin Erika", Cornelia Butnaru presents a unique and lovingly designed children's book for children between 4 and 8 years old. She wants to awaken the joy of the German language and encourage children's desire for discovery. Cornelia, a Romanian native who came to Germany in 2015, has learned from her own experience how challenging it can be to learn the German language. She uses the valuable insights from this time to make learning a language playful and entertaining.

Erika Müller, the main character of the book, invites young readers to become her friend and discover their everyday life in Germany together. With a creative mix of text, images, music and singing, everyday life becomes an adventure and learning the German language becomes an exciting experience.

“Meine Freundin Erika” is also a valuable tool for the integration of children with a migrant background. Erika, as a friend and companion, creates a familiar and welcoming atmosphere in which children, regardless of their background, have the opportunity to develop linguistically. By getting to know Erika's everyday life, they can better identify with German culture and way of life. This not only promotes linguistic but also cultural integration and makes it easier for children from different cultures to find their way in their new home.

The children's book reflects Cornelia's personal language learning experiences on 48 pages and packages them in a child-friendly and playful form. She remembers her first encounters with words like “butterfly,” which she initially found strange and unfamiliar. With "Meine Freundin Erika" she wants to make this process easier, especially for children, and introduce them to the beauty and versatility of the German language.


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