High-quality stools & riding animals for children

Discover our Zoosy stools, the practical and space-saving seating that fits perfectly into any seating niche. With their compact size and stylish design, they skilfully set accents and offer a comfortable addition to sofas and armchairs. Easy to move and ideal for any room!

Our fantastic animal stools for children

Are you looking for a seat that is more than just a piece of furniture? Our Zoosy stools are true works of art that bring joy, play and comfort not only to children's rooms, but also to offices, doctor's offices and educational institutions. With designs inspired by wildlife, our stools offer an unparalleled and versatile experience.

Embark on a journey of discovery through our zoo of stools: Meet "Bolle", the friendly dinosaur, and "Thabo", the brown elephant. Each of our stools tells its own story and brings a unique atmosphere to the children's room. Our "Bruna" and "Nero", the cow stools in brown and black, are not only comfortable seats, but also wonderful playmates.

From fairytale land to safari

For the little adventurers and explorers in the family, we offer "JJ", the brave lion and "Drago", the green dragon. Each of these children's stools transforms the child's room into a land full of epic adventures. And for fans of fairy tales we have something very special: “Pinky” and “Enea”, our enchanting unicorn stools. While "Pinky" conquers every heart with its bright pink, "Enea" with its practical compartment offers a secret place to hide small treasures.

More than just a stool: play, learning and everyday help in one

In addition to the playful touch, we attach great importance to safety and comfort. All of our stools have rounded edges and are made from non-toxic materials. They offer a stable seating surface that can withstand even wild adventures. But the Zoosy children's stools are more than just inviting seating: they are ideal for getting dressed and tying shoes, making them an indispensable helper in everyday life.

Each Zoosy stool is a comfortable place to sit and an educational toy at the same time. With “Berta” the sheep and “Gustav” the camel, children can playfully get to know the animal world. The vibrant colors and different textures stimulate the senses and promote creative development.

Find the perfect Zoosy stool for every occasion

Our stools are not only ideal for fun and games in the children's room, but also practical additions to any home. They also make attractive seating and eye-catchers in offices, doctor's practices or other professional environments. Their vibrant designs and child-friendly motifs bring a cheerful atmosphere to any room. In addition, the Zoosy stools are perfect for kindergartens and preschools, where they can be used in group sessions, story times and learning activities.

They fit perfectly in every corner and can be easily moved around. Their stylish, wildlife-inspired design makes them not only practical seating options, but also attractive decorative elements that add a special touch to any room.