Unique gift ideas for babies and children

Looking for the perfect gift? At Copiloo you will find a carefully selected selection of products that are particularly popular with our customers. From toys that stimulate creativity to practical everyday helpers for young families. Perfect for any occasion, whether it's a birthday, a holiday or just as a little treat in between.

Popular products that inspire: games and fun for babies and children

Looking for the ideal gift? Copiloo presents an exclusive selection of toys and furnishings that not only enrich a child's room but also provide valuable educational benefits and joy. Let's start with the charming Mamanimals stuffed animals—a loving collection that includes a cat, dog, rabbit, and pig. Each animal hides a little secret: three small babies that can be safely stored in the mother's belly. The babies are equipped with magnets, allowing them to attach to the mother's teats. These lovingly designed stuffed animals foster an understanding of nature and care in a playful way and are wonderful gift ideas for a birth.

Equally attractive are our high-quality animal sit-on stools. From the majestic lion to the cheerful dinosaur, these stools are not only practical but also a real eye-catcher in a child’s room. They provide an ideal seating option, for example, for tying shoes, and simultaneously serve as a creative decorative element. Give something special that delights both children and parents.

The world of aquatic animals is represented by the Mom and Baby fabric animals from Les Déglingos. With characters like the turtle, whale, and penguin, this collection brings the fascination of the seas directly into the children's room. Each animal comes in vivid colors and is equipped with a small companion, enhancing bonding and role-playing, making them perfect birth gifts.

For older children who enjoy being active, our stacking stones and balance boards are ideal. Available in sets of various quantities, these toys not only support physical activity but also train dexterity and balance. They are perfect for playfully promoting motor skills and creativity, and make great gifts for a birth or simply as a token of appreciation.