Penguin mom & baby, different colors
Penguin mom & baby, different colors
Penguin mom & baby, different colors
Penguin mom & baby, different colors

Penguin cuddly toy with cute baby penguin - plush family

  • Cuddly toy
  • Les Déglingos
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Penguin plush family from Les Déglingos: Penguin mom and baby with playful learning value

Experience an enchanting journey into the world of cuddly toys with the charming penguin soft toys from Les Déglingos. These plush toys are lovingly designed to offer children unforgettable cuddly moments. The penguin, the newest member of this collection, radiates coziness and warmth and will quickly become the new favorite in the children's room.

A special highlight of this series is the penguin mother with her adorable cuddly penguin baby. The little penguin baby can be cleverly hidden in the mother penguin's stomach, which not only looks extremely cute, but also playfully promotes the children's motor skills. These soft toys come in the attractive colors of black and blue and, with their dimensions of 12 cm x 16 cm x 25 cm, are ideal for little arms to hug and love.

Each plush penguin in this collection is made from premium cotton, making them extra soft and cuddly. The use of recycled cotton also underlines Les Déglingos' commitment to the environment. These fabrics are not only pleasant to the touch, but also safe for the little ones.

Penguins as cuddly toys offer a wonderful way to support children's emotional development. They not only serve as toys, but also as loyal companions in different phases of life. The soft, cuddly qualities of each plush penguin make them an ideal nighttime friend and comforting companion in challenging times.

Caring for these cuddly toys is also easy. They can easily be machine washed on cold, making them a hygienic and long-lasting playmate. This makes the penguin plush toys a valuable purchase for families.

The penguin cuddly toys from Les Déglingos are not only adorable toys for children, but also a source of joy and security. They make the perfect gift for children of all ages, thanks to their excellent quality, attractive design and attention to detail. Each plush penguin in this collection tells its own story, inviting children to immerse themselves in a world full of imagination and affection.

Penguin stuffed toy set at a glance:

  • Lovingly designed, cuddly stuffed animals from Les Déglingos
  • Penguin mother with cuddly penguin baby, where the baby can be stored in the mother's stomach
  • Colors: Black, Blue
  • Size: 12cm x 16cm x 25cm
  • Material: Recycled cotton filling
  • Suitable from birth (0 years)
  • Care: Machine wash cold

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