Mamanimals – mom with baby cuddly toys

Discover the lovingly designed cuddly toys that invite you to love, learn, play and cuddle. These cute baby animals attach magnetically to their mothers' teats and can even be stored in their stomachs. Made from high quality materials and CE marked, Mamanimals are unique Swiss designs that ensure unforgettable moments.

Mamanimals: discovering love in the world of plush toy families

The Mamanimals cuddly toys take you into a world full of tenderness and joy of learning, created for children aged 0 and up. Each Mamanimal cuddly toy represents a loving mother with her baby animals, which can be carefully stored in her stomach or docked on her teats. This special function not only promotes fine motor skills by docking the baby animals with magnets in their snouts, but also turns cuddling into an interactive experience. The selection ranges from stuffed bunnies with their babies to cats with their kittens, with each set charming with soft fur and sweet details.

With the CE marking, Mamanimals cuddly toys meet the highest safety standards set for toys in the EU. This certification guarantees that they are safe for babies and children from the recommended age of 0 years. An innovative zipper, in which conventional zippers have been replaced by fabric straps, ensures that babies and children can easily open their mother's stomach without small parts being swallowed. This thoughtful safety measure underlines the commitment to the safety and well-being of children.

In the world of Mamanimals, cuddling is very important. The cuddly toys and their baby animals, from cats and their kittens to stuffed bunnies with their sweet babies, are made of high-quality material that invites you to cuddle for hours. The careful selection of fluffy fur and the loving design of each animal make them ideal sleeping companions and comforting friends.

The recommended age for Mamanimals starts at 0 years old, making them a perfect gift for newborns and their parents. Every soft toy, from stuffed bunnies to cats, dogs, pigs, sheep, bears, tigers, cows, foxes and hedgehogs, contributes to a safe and stimulating environment in which children can explore the world. The ability to store the baby animals in mom's tummy and dock them to her teats offers unique play and learning moments.

In summary, the Mamanimals cuddly toys, which meet the highest European safety standards thanks to their CE marking, combine cute design with educational value. In addition to their quality and safety, they not only offer endless cuddly moments thanks to their soft fur and loving design, but also promote the development of children thanks to their unique properties. The innovative features such as the special zipper and the ability to dock the baby animals to the mother make these plush toys an indispensable companion in everyday life.

This special Mamanimals collection can be found exclusively at Copiloo, one of the few selected providers in Europe. This underlines the uniqueness and high quality of the cuddly toys, which are lovingly made to bring joy and learning fun to families. Copiloo stands for quality and exclusivity, characteristics that every Mamanimal plush family reflects and that make them a perfect gift for newborns and children of all ages.