Stapelstein - Original Warm, set of 3 in Classic & Pastel
Stapelstein - Original Warm, set of 3 in Classic & Pastel
Stapelstein - Original Warm, set of 3 in Classic & Pastel
Stapelstein - Original Warm, set of 3 in Classic & Pastel

Stacking stones Original Warm set of 3 in Classic & Pastel

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Ignite your creativity with the Stapelstein Original Warm set of 3: a color fireworks display in red, orange and yellow

Immerse yourself in the world of warmth and color with the Stapelstein set: Original Warm, set of 3 in Classic & Pastel. This versatile set features three items in bold, warm colors of red, orange and yellow, perfect for lighting up your room with the colors of the sunset. No matter whether you want to enrich your home with the warm colors of the rainbow or create a colorful course - with Stapelstein, endless possibilities open up!

The Stapelstein Original Warm Classic Set brings the warm colors of red, orange and yellow to life. These intense colors not only captivate children, but also inspire adults to move more and make everyday life more colorful.

With the Stapelstein Original Warm Pastel Set you can expand your color palette with three elements in gentle gradations of warm colors. Combine these pastel stacking stones with other sets to create a harmonious and inviting world of colors.

For balance games and creative courses, we recommend using stacking stones on flat, non-slip surfaces. Enjoy safety by stacking the elements up to three times. Pay attention to young children when playing near water, as Stapelstein is not a substitute for flotation devices.

Explore the diverse possibilities of color and movement with this lightweight yet extremely durable stacking stone set that can support many times its own weight. Unleash your creativity and discover what is possible with Stapelstein!

The stacking stone set at a glance

  • 3 elements in the warm colors red, orange and yellow
  • Safe and designed without sharp corners
  • Water, saliva, UV resistant and completely waterproof
  • Lightweight (180 g) yet very resilient (up to 180 kg)
  • Dimensions: diameter = 27.5 cm, height = 12 cm
  • Made from environmentally friendly EPP (expanded polypropylene)
  • Compatible with all Stapelstein products
  • Produced in a climate-neutral manner in Germany
  • 100% recyclable, free of plasticizers
  • Maximum load capacity of the Stapelstein board: 120 kg

Perfect as a starter set or to expand your existing stacking stone collection, discover the versatility that lies in the Original Warm Classics.

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