Pieksi and Griffel 7er Set "Sägebogen"
Pieksi and Griffel 7er Set "Sägebogen"
Pieksi and Griffel 7er Set "Sägebogen"
Pieksi and Griffel 7er Set "Sägebogen"

Pieksi and Griffel 7er Set "Sägebogen"

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🌈 Catch the rainbow! The colorful Pieksi and Griffel 'saw bow' set 🐟

The "sawbow" pick and stylus set offers you seven colourful, equally sized sawfish picks. Each Pieksi shines in a bright rainbow color - from light purple to red.

With every Pieksi, your child experiences a unique "Pieks" challenge. The special sawfish shape encourages the little ones to train their motor skills - with just one prick. This is not only great fun, but also playfully promotes your child's fine motor skills.

Please note that the attractive shape and color of the sawfish sticks may tempt young children to chew on them. This can leave marks on the material and affect the aesthetics and function of your snack picks.

Each set comes in a handy, resealable package that's great for storing your Pieksis. In addition, it is fully recyclable and aluminum film-free, so you not only have fun but also contribute to the protection of the environment.

✨ Details at a glance

  • The set contains 7 equally sized sawfish spikes
  • Bright colors: light purple, blue, turquoise, green, yellow, orange and red
  • Offers a new "Pokes" challenge to develop motor skills
  • Manufactured in Baden-Württemberg
  • Sustainable: 94% from renewable raw materials
  • BPA, PVC and melamine free
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Note: The shape can encourage small children to chew, which can lead to marks on the material

Extra service: If you order by 1 p.m. (Mon-Fri), your package will be on its way to you on the same day. 🎁

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